H. STOJANOVSKI, Washington criminal defense lawyer, serves the Misdemeanor criminal defense needs of the people living and working throughout King, Pierce, and Snohomish County.

As a Washington criminal defense attorney, I can guide you through the criminal justice system while fighting for your rights all the way to a jury trial if that’s what your case requires. I know the law, I know how to effectively negotiate with prosecutors, and I know how to win a jury trial when going all the way is the best option. I take the time to explain what my clients need to know about their cases whether it’s a complex DUI, Assault, or other Misdemeanor charge, so they can make informed decisions.

My clients are not faceless case numbers to me. I will personally handle your case and give it the attention it deserves. My clients are my first priority, and I work hard to make sure all my clients receive the best possible outcome from the criminal justice system. I’m available 7 days a week either by phone, email, or in-person. I deliver effective, aggressive, and determined protection of my clients’ legal rights. My business model is simple: quality legal representation + great customer service + reasonable flat fees = satisfied clients willing to hire me again and refer me to a family member or friend unfortunately arrested on a DUI, Assault, or other Misdemeanor charge.

Flat Fee Rate Information

I charge reasonable fees especially by attorney standards. Although criminal law practice is complex, the more experience one has in a legal area the less complex the law becomes. My legal fees reflect this simple concept.

††† When circumstances warrant, a prospective client with a demonstrated financial hardship may receive a reduced flat fee at my discretion–it’s great being my own boss.

As a Prospective Client what should you do next?

Call my office at 206-905-1174 to schedule a FREE consultation. In-person meetings are by appointment only. The sooner you speak with an attorney about your DUI, Assault, Theft charge, etc. the better your chances of having the matter dismissed or reaching a resolution that is beneficial to you. Remember, the criminal justice system is an adversarial system, which means the Prosecutor, backed by all the State’s resources, has already begun to build its case against you while your Washington criminal defense attorney has not even been hired yet. I am available on the weekends and after regular business hours by appointment for consultations with prospective clients who have work or family conflicts. Take the next step in protecting yourself: Call my office at 206-905-1174 and let me start helping you.

Areas Served

  • King County DUI Lawyer
  • Pierce County DUI Lawyer
  • Snohomish County DUI Lawyer
  • Seattle DUI Lawyer

  • Auburn DUI Lawyer
  • Bellevue DUI Lawyer
  • Tacoma DUI Lawyer
  • Kent DUI Lawyer

  • Everett DUI Lawyer
  • Lynnwood DUI Lawyer
  • Kirkland DUI Lawyer
  • Redmond DUI Lawyer