Hriste “Chris” Stojanovski

I come from a humble background. As my first and last name imply, my parents came to the United States as Eastern European immigrants. I’m a first-generation American born and raised in the Midwest; my family raised me to respect the value of hard work, and I give my clients my best efforts inside and outside of the courtroom.

I’m in solo practice running a boutique law firm, which differentiates me from larger law firms in three important ways: (1) I’m able to devote more hours to case preparation because I determine my caseload; (2) I represent my clients with the same attention to detail and dedication that I would a family member or friend, which is a trait not often found in larger firms; and (3) I can be flexible with payment terms because I do not have to justify my fee decisions to senior partners who have little or no contact with clients.

For me, Integrity is not just another word; I value my reputation, my license to practice law, and the special attorney-client relationship too much to give my clients less than maximum effort. To that end, I’ve worked hard over the years to be the best Washington criminal defense attorney I can be. I’m willing to work 7 days a week if the case calls for it because that’s the kind of dedication my clients deserve. Let me start helping you…

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  • Seattle University School of Law—Juris Doctor
  • Wayne State University—Master of Arts in Political Science
  • Wayne State University—Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice



  • Washington State Bar Association